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XMmmmmm Ford

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I once owned a 1964 metallic blue XM Ford 4-door sedan, like the one in the image above by Ben Hosking, They're a bit harder to come by now. Mine had bucket seats with a fluted chrome console in between. It was so cool. It opened when you pressed a push-button.

I also owned and drove the competitors FB and EK Holden's. I have to say, the Ford was so much lighter to drive. It was a lovely smooth cruiser on the highway and way easier around town than the GM cars which felt heavy and stodgy by comparison.

The Ford engine was a Super Pursuit inline 6 cylinder and there was plenty of room in the engine bay when you needed to work on it, which wasn't often as it was a reliable donk.

In my novel, The Beautiful Dead, Cal Nyx drives an XM Ford but she's ditched the inline 6 for a Windsor 289ci engine. She has a lot of fun in that car.

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