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The Corrector is due for publication early 2025.


'a dark jewel'

David Brooks
2015/16 Australia Council Fellowship in Fiction

In a small seaside town Evin Hart sees something she wasn’t supposed to; Mose Hickson’s nasty little secret. And, sadly for Evin, he knows it.

A body washes up on the coast several days later. As it turns out, Evin was one of the last people to see the victim alive. The police need Evin. The target on her back just got bigger.

When she goes into hiding and someone else close to her gets hurt Evin is pushed beyond her limit. She leaves the hideout to regain control of her life. But being on the road proves no safe refuge either. After a near-fatal incident, she understands the stakes and the ruthlessness of her pursuers.

When she takes the killer on, neither will emerge unscathed.


a Spiral Collectives book

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