Remote bush.

Two deaths.

One canny outsider.


If only she wasn’t a suspect.

Kim Hunt & Her Badass Characters
Interview by Marian Evans with Kim Hunt

Crime thriller, The Beautiful Dead by Kim Hunt

​Working alone in the vast reaches of the New South Wales bush, Cal Nyx finds a body. When the remains are identified as someone she once knew, detectives view her as a possible culprit. Then they find the dark blot on her past, a killing. 

Cal, a seriously can-do queer protagonist, isn’t the most sociable of characters. Prone to putting people offside, albeit unwittingly, she works in her own desperate way to find the murderer, establish her innocence and overcome the stigma of a complicated history. 

When another suspect disappears and Cal gets dire news about her only living relative she's forced to make onerous choice. Follow a shadowy prospect into an isolated forest or do right by her family?

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'Loved her protagonist, Cal Nyx. Could see the movie'

'taut and edgy...the cryptic, noir style is excellent'


2018 Prime Minister's Award For Literary Achievement

Playmarket Award 2017

'The Beautiful Dead gripped me right from the first sentence ... I can hardly wait for the next one.'

5 star reviewer rating

'Cal is a great character, skilfully drawn. This is a well written, tautly paced crime fiction full of action and suspense.'

Goodreads reviewer.

'Truly gripping' 

5 star reviewer rating,

'Evocative, sparing and deftly written. Highly recommend.'

5 star reviewer rating, Goodreads.

'Engaging story, beautiful writing, it reads like poetry'

5 star reviewer rating,

'[Kim Hunt] has that ability to grab your attention from the start and make this book stand out from the crowd. Kim uses such vivid and realistic descriptions that if I closed my eyes I could easily imagine that I was in Australia with the sun beating down on my face.'

4 star reviewer rating,