Ranger Cal Nyx works alone in the vast NSW bush reserves. When she returns to her Sydney bolt-hole, a coded message awaits. A message only one other person could understand.

The last remaining link to her family, a foster brother, reappears briefly from a long absence of living rough. Dif’s in danger but he’s the last person the police are going to take seriously. No stranger to the complications of Dif’s life, and with her own recent tough circumstances, Cal welcomes the distraction.

When Dif vanishes again Cal calls in favours from her community. Burning rubber up and down a lonely coastline, she tries to intercept a relentless killer before he gets to Dif. Her schemes are risky but Cal possesses a unique skill set with buckets of determination and bravado. Will all this be enough to bring a single-minded murderer out of the shadows and save the one and only person who truly gets her.

This  story is based in Australia and features the queer hero introduced to readers in The Beautiful Dead.