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The new Cal Nyx mystery thriller

Ranger Cal Nyx works alone in the vast NSW bush reserves, but a coded message pulls her away from the quiet and solitude into a chaotic series of road trips.

With police involvement not an option and her femme MIA interstate, Cal burns rubber up and down a lonely coastline, to intercept a relentless killer.

Will her skills, bravado and unique contacts be enough to bring a single-minded murderer out of the shadows?


Can she save the one and only person who truly gets her?

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Image of Rachel Doré hosting her Manawatū Peoples' Radio show, Words From The Bubble.

I write for those of us who need to see something different on the page. Seriously kick-ass butch protagonists, a cohort of femme associates, queers & misfits. We know it when we see it.

Cal Nyx hit the pages in 2020, got me shortlisted for the 2021 Ngaio Marsh Awards. She'll be back out there in my next novel, The Quarry, due out soon.


Belt up & buckle in.

Kim Hunt

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