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Gouge it with a bent nail across your front fender...

Type it into your diary, scratch it onto the back of your hand, gouge it with a bent nail across your front fender:


'Villainous Newtown'

at Newtown Library

Friday 22nd March 2024

6 pm - 7 pm

It's the first of the 'Mystery in the Library' author panel events kicking off across Aotearoa NZ, marking the beginning of this year's 2024 Ngaio Marsh Awards. I'll be joining Charity Norman, who won last year's Award, along with Jennifer Lane, a Best First Novel winner, and Nick Davies, Debut author and 2024 entrant.  

These panel events bring crime writers and readers together in libraries all over the motu. So, if you love mystery fiction, thrillers, true crime and everything between and beyond, come join us.  There’s usually time for a bit of Q & A from the audience, so bring your crime writerly mates and friends to vex us with your questions and generally join in the fun. I’m sure the other panelists enjoy a spiky question as much as I do.

The Ngaio Marsh Awards, established in 2010, promote and celebrate excellence in Kiwi crime writing.

There'll be other related events running throughout the year as the Ngaio’s judging progresses and the angst ramps up.

Hope you can make it to Newtown Library on Friday 22nd March. I'll be the one sharpening blunt pencils with my penknife under the table. Come say hello and I'll be happy to sign a book for you.

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