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Best use of royalty payments; a new set of mags.

Bit of a mission actually getting them on the hubs though. First problem, the front wheels were hitting the tie-rod ends so I had to source spacers to bring the wheel 8mm off the hub for clearance. Then the supplied wheel-nuts wouldn't pull up tight without washers underneath them, (not supplied). Plus, kinda dangerous securing rims with only the points of the nuts holding the wheel in place.

Who'd have thought a search for 16 plain washers would prove so frustrating. After exhausting all obvious possibilities here in NZ I tried overseas. Finally, I found some shims in the UK that might work. But ebay wouldn't allow the sale or shipping to NZ.

Did what I should've done first off. Contacted a friend and fellow Triumph lover for help. Taking the only washers I could find that came close to what was required, but were too wide by about 1.5mm, she had an engineer buddy cut them down on a lathe.

Oh happy day.

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